Meeting Presentations

De-Mystifying Trail Apps


"De-mystifying Trail Apps"

Peninsula Chapter VP Kim Merrick introduces several "trail apps".  Enjoy this overview presented at our August 17, 2022, membership meeting. 

Tom Mix So You Want to Ride the Olympics


So You Want to Ride the Olympics?

Peninsula Chapter's own trail expert and packer, Tom Mix, shares his thoughts about his favorite trails on the Olympic Peninsula.  The first in a series.  This link will download a PowerPoint presentation.  An audio version is "under construction".   6-15-2022

Q&A with Mark Rashid

Q & A with Mark Rashid

Enjoy this fascinating Question & Answer session with internationally famous author and horseman, Mark Rashid.  Mark is known for his ability to understand the horse's point of view and solve difficult problems by addressing the root of the problem with communication rather than force.  4-20-2022



Kim McCarrel Showcasing Your Amazing Trails


Showcasing Washington's Amazing Trails

Trail Guidebooks author, Kim McCarrel, reviews five of her favorite horse trails/camps in Washington. Learn about Capitol State Forest, Scatter Creek, Keenes Horse Camp, Sahara Creek Horse Camp, and White Pass Horse Camp.  3-2-2022.

John Wayne Trail Ride

The John Wayne Trail Ride Presentation

Jeff Chapman & Juelie Dalzell

"Eighteen days of nomad living across the Palouse by horse, cart, and bike.  An adventure for the tough of heart involving death, sandstorm, attack badgers, tumbleweed, happy hours, and catered meals.”    2-2-2022.