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WA State Parks Miller Peninsula Development

Miller Peninsula has been our favorite riding place.  For years, development of this WA State Parks property has been the state's plan.  In 2021, the development process took shape in the form of three proposed "plans" which were presented with the intention of giving the public several possibilities to discuss.  There was a public comment period during which Peninsula Chapter sent a formal letter expressing our desires for the project including multi-use trails throughout and horse camping.  (We supported the "Immersed in Nature" alternative which included equestrian trails and camping). 

4-22-23  State Operating Budget Passed

Today, the state legislators passed the operating budget which includes $600,000 appropriated for Miller Peninsula development.  It did not include additional instructions for a Day Use Option, which we requested.  BCHW is not opposed to considering camping options, but we would like to see an integrated study with the Jamestown Tribe to determine the best places to put new campgrounds, including a horse camp.  Even though the language wasn't added, there is nothing preventing State Parks from adding (or considering adding) a day use option to the Miller Planning process.  Our legislators know there is interest as well as the county commissioners.   There may have been discussion that occurred, but it isn’t reflected in the final published budget.  Onward and upward!  Jeff

3-15-22   Our Response   

Peninsula Chapter emailed to the WA State Parks Commissioners and the Miller Development lead planner, Nikki Fields, our response to the latest planning developments.  Read the letter here.

1-27-22   Development Report

A WA State Parks Commission meeting was held at Fort Worden and a Miller Peninsula Update Report session was conducted.  The PowerPoint that follows was presented:  https://www.parks.wa.gov/DocumentCenter/View/18259/Item-E-8---Miller-Pen-Update--January-2022  .  The full text of the report can be viewed here:  https://www.parks.wa.gov/DocumentCenter/View/18193/Item-E8-Miller-Peninsula-Planning-Update-Report .  There were no comments taken at this meeting.  Post meeting public comment was invited.

Here is a link to the WA State Parks Miller development site:  https://www.parks.wa.gov/1187/Miller-Peninsula-Planning

For more information, leave us a message here or email us at peninsulabchwchapter@gmail.com .  Your message will be forwarded to our Miller "watchdogs" for response.