Next Trail Project

Next Trail Project

You can help us keep trails open for stock use and fulfill our mission...

Wednesday, September 20th, 2023. Lower Big Quilcene (ONF), upper end

Join the Graywolves Crew on a single-day work trip.   Tap here for more information.  

Thursday, September 21th, 2023, Thursday Crew on the ODT/Olympic Adventure Trail

Every week on Thursdays, the County (Clallam) maintains the ODT (Olympic Discovery Trail).  You can get involved and help Peninsula Chapter contribute volunteer hours.  Sign up with Bill Mueller as a BCHW volunteer.  Here are steps:

First:  Contact Clallam County Human Resources, phone # 360-417-2429, to get info about the trail crew and be vetted for county volunteer work.

Once vetted, contact Jeff Ralston at and ask to be put on the email list for the Thursday crew.

Every Thursday, the crew meets before 9:00 AM at the county road department facility on Lauridsen Blvd. across the street from the county transportation (bus) complex.

The crew then gathers for tools, lunches, and carpool transportation, leaving at 9:00 sharp for travel to the work site.

The contact at the road department site is Jeff Ralston, the trail crew supervisor.  Bill Mueller (BCHW liaison) is usually always there also to have you sign a BCHW work sheet as well as the county work sheet.

Your needs: backpack, work clothes, rain gear, gloves, other personal protective equipment (PPE), work boots.  Hard hat required; county can supply one.

That's about it.  Head out and go to work.

Contact Peninsula Chapter's Bill Mueller here for more information. 


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